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Construction Security

Secure Town Security is experienced in working with building and construction firms to keep their sites safe from criminals, intruders and trespassers. We employ expert health and safety officers who will visit your site and carry out a detailed survey and risk assessment so we can gain a thorough understanding of any potential threats and dangers.

We will then create a customized security strategy to address your individual needs and ensure your site and assets are given a high level of protection.

We employ skilled security staffs who have undergone comprehensive training. Our officers will be based at your construction site, carrying out regular patrols and keeping a detailed incident report of anything which happens on the premises. In addition to on-site staff, we also offer visits from a mobile patrol supervisor.

Construction sites are often seen as an easy target for thieves but Secure Town Security will make sure your equipment, tools and materials are kept safe and secure. We will also take measures to prevent vandalism and stop children and other unauthorized people from entering the site and placing themselves in potential danger. When you choose us to protect your construction site, you can relax knowing it is in safe hands at all times of the day and night.

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